Token Information

Token Name
Token Symbol
Total Supply CYP
Contract Address
Current Price
0.01 ETH = 60,000 CYP

How to Buy CYP

How to Buy:
Send ETH to:   0x3467ac25729b6e0d628b9fba41bb2312fcf440cf
(Smart Contract)

Set Gas Limit: 100,000 and 5 GWEI

SEND 0.05 ETH get 600.000 CYP

SEND 0.1 ETH get 1.200.000 CYP

SEND 0.5 ETH get 6.000.000 CYP

SEND 1 ETH get 12.000.000 CYP

SEND 2 ETH get 24.000.000 CYP

SEND 4 ETH get 48.000.000 CYP

SEND 8 ETH get 96.000.000 CYP

CYP will be sent to your wallet Automatically and Immediately.

Ensure Your send ETH from a ERC20 compactible wallet.

You can buy as many tokens you want.